School Agreement Number

You can use the Microsoft EES agreement to use Microsoft software for desktops, laptops and Macs with servers that are added as needed. With the Microsoft EES software license agreement, the school obtains downgrade rights that allow the school to use older versions of Microsoft Software. SchoolCare is a licensed reseller of Microsoft products and licenses educational software under Microsoft Licensing For Education Solutions (EES). An EES agreement makes managing your Microsoft Software license schools much easier. The added bonus is that most schools say it significantly reduces the total cost of operating (total cost of ownership, TCO) of schools. Licensing for Microsoft EES software also includes „Work At Home“ rights so that employees can prepare their home courses with the same Microsoft Office license for schools. Work At Home rights can only be used if the material belongs to the school and not to the individual. The Microsoft EES agreement calculates costs by listing your full-time equivalents (RDT). (Not the number of computers in school) The number of FTEs can be easily calculated by determining the number of employees who work more than 200 hours per year and access to the computer (i.e. use) at school. This number gives you the number of ETP schools.

You should involve employees, for example.B. janitors or gardeners, only then employees such as janitors or gardeners, unless they use computer technology in their work. Microsoft EES software license includes Microsoft Software Assurance, which also ensures that your school always has access to the latest versions of Microsoft software when the school needs it. You must indicate the number of ETPs for your Microsoft EES agreement application. The extension is available on an annual basis or on a three-year basis. During the extension, we will contact you to confirm the FTEs and adapt the FTEs if necessary and present them with an offer. The EES agreement means that the school is not obliged to acquire further licences if the school has installed a new ICT suite during the agreement. The school only has to pay for additional licences if the school welcomes more staff. Microsoft is a brand of the Microsoft 1 group.

You count your employees and not your computers (RDT).